Trainer's Profile

Kamlesh Paunikar
Mr.Kamlesh Paunikar
Director and System Architect

Mr. Kamlesh Paunikar has 25s years of experience in Training and Software Development with strong track record of design and development of more than 3000 projects having knowledge of different domains such as

Establishing KP Solutions in 2007,he sets and evolves the strategic direction for the company with a vision to provide technical knowledge and professional to IT industry.

Prior to founding KP Solutions he began his professional career at India Info-Spectrum Pvt. Ltd. He evolved as IT professional by working with multinational company Persistent Systems. He also worked as Technical Project Manager for foreign IT giants such as Johnson Controls Cork Ireland, Kongsberg Spacetec Tromsø Norway.

He also acted as technical consultant for many IT industries. As a professional corporate trainer he had given technical corporate training in many IT industries. He has been awarded as Best Corporate Trainer in IT Industry.
Technical Knowledge

Programming Languages

C, C++, VC++, Java, .Net, C#

Embedded Technologies

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Embedded System


Apache Struts, Spring, Spring Security,Acegi Security, Hibernate, IntelliHibernate,Java Advanced Imaging (JAI),
Java Media Framework (JMF), Apache Hadoop, Apache Axis,Java Server Faces (JSF), Apache Tapestry


MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, Derby,PostgreSQL, Pointbase

Software Libraries

JGraph, graphviz, JSON, JSOUP

Clientside Technologies

HTML,HTML5,CSS,CSS3,CGI,Javascript,JQuery,XML,XSD, WSDL, SOAP, JSP, Servlet, AngularJS, web services

Web Servers

Apache Tomcat Server, JBoss Server, Glassfish Server

Mobile Technologies

Android, J2ME

Operating System

Windows, Linux


MS Office, Open Office, Maven

Source Version

svn, git