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Global Inventory System

      Product Type:    Web Application
      Team Size:    10
      Technology:    HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Vaadin Framework, Hibernate,MySql.

Global Inventory System is web application software used as inventory system for small business. It's fast, easy, and flexible to help you manage your business. Global Inventory System Software makes it easy for small and medium type of business to Manage customer orders and issue invoices Track inventory on hand and transaction history Re-order products from vendors See reports on business trends connect multiple computers to work together
FREE UP MORE CASH :  Easily find how much inventory you have and where Set up reordering policies so you won't over-stock or under-stock Directly reduce cashflow held up in stock and storage costs
SAVE TIME ON DAILY TASKS : Built-in workflow tells you when you need to pick, pack, and ship products to customers Quickly print pick lists, packing labels, and more Save time with automatically calculated totals, taxes, and discounts
IMPRESS YOUR CUSTOMERS :  Accurately inform customers about updated prices, stock on hand, and order totals while taking their order Keep track of customer information, order history, and shipping status all in one place, so you can answer customer questions more quickly
TRACK PROFITS AND BEST-SELLERS :  Easily see which product lines are your best-sellers or highest profit margin Predict sales and carry stock based on reports of past sales trends
KEEP FULLY DETAILED RECORDS :  See a history of all changes to your product information, inventory, customer orders, and more, along with who made them and when Fix errors or correct problems more easily by quickly identifying who to contact

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