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Workshop On- Technical Interview Question and Answer Of Google , Amazon , Accenture, etc. (2014)

This Workshop held in end of 2014 where student got to know the interviw question's and answer's of different different multinational comapanies. This workshop not only covered techniqal question but also analytical and general question's. Our Director Mr. Kamlesh paunikar was mentoring the students techniqually and encouraged them for their better future.

Workshop: KP Solutions products : e-HiTech and Smart Jackal (2014)

Workshop arranged on 6/5/2014 to let the new Generation students know and have better study material. Also to give some smart tools for Technical preparation with KP Solutions products, e-HiTech and Smart Jackal. KP Solutions Director, Mr. Kamlesh Paunikar was explaining the students about the Products and their use to enhance their technical skills and knowledge. e-HiTech is a free downloadable software specially designed for the engineering students. e-HiTech provides all the study material required to students And provides opportunities and way to grab the given opportunities. For more details check the features of e-HiTech on our website. Smart Jackal is a software for Campus Recruitment Training and Technical Growth. It helps student to prepare different Languages like C / C++ / Java by attending number of test at their comfortable zone. It helps student to boost their confidence by giving repetitive test for each topic under each language. For more details check the features of e-HiTech on our website.

Event on - Software Technology Awareness And Project Event (STAAPE) Held on Aug 2017

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