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e-Institute is an application software used for Student Management. It's fast, easy, and flexible to help you manage your business. e-Institute Software makes it easy to manage student's detailed information for each student. It also manage students fees structure i.e in installments. Keeps full detailed record of each student. It provides facility to update students information. It makes it easy for institution to manage the student's record which is otherwise time consuming if you do it manually. It is seamlessly scalable, error free, easy to use and implement. It has a user-friendly interface. This is not only a cost saving measure but also adapts to changes very quickly.

e-Institute is suitable for Educational Institutions:

      Degree/Professional Colleges
      Coaching/Other Institutes

User Management

e-Institutes a delited to work on single machine with two user one as a owner & other as an operator. Owner has facility to create or diactivate User name & password of operator.

Admission Management

It helps customer to fill the Admission form, to assign a Batch/Batches to student & to manage the fees along with Installment of the student

Test Management

It helps in Scheduling of 'n' no. of test of all topic of all subjects. It also provides facility to manage/Insert the marks of every student in every Subject so that it can be used in future. It Generate the Marksheet of a Perticular student which the customer can provides to the Student.

Communication Management

Now with e-Institute software,Customer can send message of Holidays, Happy Birthday, Payment Installment,Test Marks of Student to there parents through there parents through there mobile from there workplace with the help of Communication Management.

Mail Management

It helps in Sending Mails to the Student. Now a days everybody is connected to internate specially student. Mail management module allow user to send mail to the student as well as to the others.

Expense Management

Manage office expense & other expenses with the help of e-Institute Software. Control it is easy to get the expenses spend through out the year for different Item with one click.

Schedule Management

Customer now can schedule messages/work of birthday,payment Installment & other message before 30 days. e-Institute reminds the customer of every message that is being scheduled.

Fees Management

Fees Management makes easy to take Payment in cash or cheque with Auto Distribute facility that helps the customer to distribute Payment in various Subject Batches of a student.

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