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Smart Jackal

Smart Jackal is a software for Campus Recruitment Training and Technical Growth.It helps student to prepare different Languages like C / C++ / Java by attending number of test at their comfortable zone.It helps student to boost their confidence by giving repetative test for each topic under each language. The examinee will be able to view the results immediately after exam is over, in chart form as well as will be able to compare their current performance with the previous performances. Random questions are generated for each topic of exam as per the exam pattern.
Smart Jackal Features
Features Description
Increases Technical Ability and helps in Campus Preparation. Quick and efficient preparation for technical interview.
Technical Growth Helps in fast improvement in technical skills. Increase the technical problem solving ability.
Graphical result Immedaite graphical result after exam. Result in the form Smart Meter that shows Accuracy,Speed,Score and Performance rating.
Manage all the result of exams and shows date/time wise result.
Question Set Random question generation. Standard question level and according to the technical reqirement of IT compinies.Theoretical as well as program based question and answer.

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