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CoEE (Center of Excellence in Engineering ) Data Management Tool

Client/Customer: Johnson Controls Project Type: Web Application Team Size: 7 Technology: Java, JSP, JDBC, Servlet, Struts, MySQL The objective of developing CoEE Data Management Tool (CoDMT) is to enable CoEE to manage the data generated from customer enquiries to payment/invoicing on a centralize server and hence consolidate and normalize multifunctional process variance. The tool provides features to generate financial reports, forecasts and plans, track projects and resources. .

Bio-Medical Management

Client/Customer: Care Hospital, Nagpur Project Type: Web Application Team Size: 4 Technology: Java, JSP, JDBC, Pointbase The objective of developing Bio-Medical Management is to enable Hospital to manage the data generated from patients and doctors. The tool provide features to generate patient, doctor report as well as helps the doctor to diagnosis the patient as per the previous data of patient stored in this tool. Tool manages data of multiple department of hospital. .


Client/Customer: US Client Project Type: Desktop Application (Server & Client) Number of Applications: 2 Team Size: 5 Technology: Java, Swing , Networking , JDBC, Pointbase This tool provides server and client application, server application is installed in one machine and other clients connect with server application to perform following operation in LAN. 1. To perform messaging between users. 2. To send file from one machine to another. 3. To access desktop of client from server. 4. To perform audio chatting between users. 5. To perform video chatting between users.

Network Traffic Logger

Client/Customer: US Client Project Type: Distributed Application. Number of Applications: 2 Team Size: 5 Technology: Java, JSP , Swing , SwingApplet , JDBC , Pointbase, JPCap This tool is designed for network administrator to trap all the packets of network through single machine. This tools helps user to trap all the network packets and gives the analytical result of network data.

DHCP Web Server

Client/Customer: VNIT Research Centre, Nagpur Project Type: Distributed Application (Server Application) Number of Applications: 1 Team Size: 5 Technology: Java,JSP, JDBC, MySQL,JDHCP This web application accepts the request from the network connected DHCP client and provides IP address as per the range set by the administrator and fixed the lease time of IP address for the requested client. Web application allows administrator to perform setting of blocked IP range, unblocked IP range, fixed IP and lease time.

Devnagri Segmentation

Client/Customer: Raisoni College of Engineering and Research Centre. Project Type : Desktop Application. Project Category: Research Project. Number of Applications : 1 Team Size : 3 Technology : Java, JAI. We present a system that classifies pixels in a document image according to marking type such as machine print, Handwriting, and noise. A segmenter module first splits an input image into fragments, sometimes breaking connected components. Each fragment is then classified by an automatically trained multi-stage classifier that is fast and considers features of the fragment, as well as its neighborhood. Features relevant for discrimination are picked out automatically from among hundreds of measurements.

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